Colours, textures and patterns in weaving

  • Colours, textures and patterns in weaving

    Colours, textures and patterns in weaving

    Baskets made by pupil at Worlingham Primary School, 2011

Date: Thursday 24th March

School: Worlingham Primary School

Group: 63 year 3 and 4.

Teacher: Liz Meechan

Artist: June Croll

Worlingham Primary School were doing a project on Printing and Textiles. Their visit to the Basketry exhibition would focus on the textile aspect, looking at two-dimensional and three-dimensional weaving. The practical workshop looked at the ways in which something two-dimensional can be transformed into a three dimensional object, as illustrated by some of the basketry structures in the exhibition such as Lois Walpole’s Millenium Basket.

Using two-dimensional circular templates as a base, the children wove in a range of materials to create shallow three-dimensional textile baskets. The children were confident and had a good understanding of the skills involved. They were therefore able to experiment with contrasting different colours, textures and patterns in their weaving. Some of the children used unusual materials such as plastic tubing or fruit nets in their work, challenging traditional understandings of textiles.

Written by Becca Sturgess and Nell Croose Myhill.

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