Creating woven seascapes

  • Creating woven seascapes

    Creating woven seascapes

    Children from St. John’s Infant School choosing materials, an example of individual work and the collaborative seascape, 2011

Date: Tues 30th March

School: St John’s Infant School

Group: 60 year 1 pupils

Teacher: Julie Deakin

Artist: Alison Atkins

Julie Deakin at St John’s Infant School brought two classes of year 1 pupils to visit the Basketry exhibition. They made links between the exhibition and a project that they were doing about the Sea. Each class worked with Artist Educator, Alison Atkins to create a woven seascape, and some woven paper fish or sea creatures.

The workshop was designed to provide a balance of individual and group work. The children experimented with unusual materials, using plastic garden fencing as the basis for their seascape, they talked about suitable textures to represent water, and enjoyed working on such a large scale. The children refined their weaving skills when they created the smaller scale individual works, allowing them also to consider colour and pattern.

Written by Becca Sturgess and Nell Croose Myhill.

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