Science, Art and Writing

  • Science, Art and Writing

    Science, Art and Writing

    School of Education Students experimenting with different approaches, 2011

Date: 6th April

School: UEA School of Education, PGCE Students.

Group: 3 groups of 30 had tours, one group of 30 had artist led workshop

Teacher: Ann Oliver

Artist: Jemma Watts

A group of 90 School of Education, PGCE students visited the Basketry exhibition as part of a SAW project. SAW is a way of working that allows children to make connections between Science, Art and Writing. Ann Oliver recognised Basketry as a fantastic framework to explore these three disciplines. First, students looked at scientific images showing the structures of the materials used in basketry. Then, they explored language or visual representations in response to these scientific images.

30 students opted to have an artist-led practical workshop that explored aesthetic qualities of basketry.

The students were encouraged to create a framework using sturdy uprights of wire or dowelling rods. Artist Educator, Jemma Watts suggested creating the shape using plastic yoghurt pots at the base which could be removed later once the frame was made stable. The students were given a range of materials such as wire, raffia, plastic, wool, and embroidery thread. They were invited to experiment with weaving. The group produced a range of different pieces, depending on the materials used, some were very flexible and others were rigid. The students made a variety of woven frames echoing basketry structures and in doing so, considered the diverse aesthetic properties of basketry.

Written by Becca Sturgess and Nell Croose Myhill.

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